Hi. My name is Jan Dočekal.

I'm a graphic designer, based in Prague - Czech Republic. I'm 23 years old. Specializing on digital media, webdesign and the connection between design and code.


I was born in 1993, in Rotterdam, then moved to Czech Republic. Fascinated with art, graphic design and technology. I like to balance between these areas quite often and I love to solve problems. I studied Arts and Design on high school and then acquired a BA in Graphic Design over at Prague College. In my spare time I like to learn new things, widen my coding abilities and watch tv shows.


I can offer a full scale of graphic design work, from illustrations to visual identities, editorial design, webdesign to basically anything that can help you with your business. On top of that I am also offering my coding abilities so I can give you the whole package when it comes to webdesign and anything web related. I feel very comfortable with HTML, CSS, Javascript. I know my way around Wordpress and PHP. And I can also offer my knowledge of several specific libraries, like Three.js for creating 3D content on the Web.
I have worked on websites like Authentic Career which is a Wordpress blog, or Entereality which is a full scale real estate website and I have also made this website for my self. I am not afraid of challenges in webdesign and I am open to making many different kinds of websites with different requirements and scale.

Do you have a project in mind? Perhaps you have no idea where to start and what you'll need? Definitely send an e-mail my way and we can consult it and come up with a fair price as well.

I sometimes write..

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BA Thesis

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Hire me?

Please contact me primarily by e-mail. I usually reply within an hour or two and calling me has a lower chance of me having the time to respond.

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